Feature Spotlight: ACS Multi-Site Roaming Support

Your VIPs and valued members can now easily gain Internet access across multiple locations (even across the globe) by just logging in once. This is made possible with the new ACS feature, Multi-Site Roaming Support.


Multi-Site Roaming is an ANTlabs Cloud Services (ACS) feature that enables users to seamlessly roam from one site to another within the same organization (e.g. hotel chains, integrated resorts, affiliate shopping malls).

Administrators can create and define Plans that are roaming-enabled, and then set Locations where they allow roaming users to connect to their network. When a user logs in for the first time under a roaming Plan, an entry is created on ACS for that user. The location where the user logs in for the first time will be referred to as that user’s Home Site, and this will become the reference for Partner Sites that accept roaming users to check if the user can log in at their location or not. The system will then check the Plan that the user belongs to in their Home Site and then see if there is an equivalent Plan at the Partner Site where they attempted to log in. If such Plan exists, that user will be placed under it, but if there is no equivalent or similar Plan, the user will be placed under that location’s default Roaming Plan.


ANTlabs gateways feature seamless re-login so returning users do not have to key in their credentials whenever they need to connect to the network. With seamless re-login and multi-site roaming support, organizations can now enable seamless re-login across multiple sites that they manage. For the users, this means that the Internet connectivity experience where they first logged in (Home Site) shall be similar when they connect to a Partner Site.

Note: As of writing, roaming is only available for Fixed Duration plans.