ACG Update #2 – Global account support, RADIUS module upgrade, additional WLC and format support

This update adds the following enhancements:

  • Support for login with global accounts and global codes
  • Support for Cisco Meraki
  • Additional Cloud Gateway Login URL format supported: https://{your.acg.domain}/vendor/{ap_vendor_type}/prelogin.ant
    • Note: existing format https://{your.acg.domain}/prelogin.ant?vendor={ap_vendor_type} does not work for Ruckus Zone Director
  • RADIUS module upgrade
    • Proper handling of delays or loss of accounting start and stop packets
    • More verbose logging for troubleshooting
    • Scheduled log maintenance
  • Scheduled maintenance of accounts, user data, relogin sessions, admin audit logs, and printer logs

This update fixes the following issues:

  • Google, Instagram authentication not working issue
  • ASP Service Provider AP licensing page does not show updated usage information
  • VLANs are not synced for some editing sequence
  • The device under Meraki AP does not get redirected to the ASP-configured success/error page
  • The device under Aruba AP is not directed to the login page after ACG rejects AP’s authentication request
  • Interim Update accounting request is not responded to resulting in some AP controllers marking ACG as non-responsive