ACG Update #3 – Account Printer support, Multiple AP licenses support, LinkedIn and Office 365 Login

This ANTlabs Cloud Gateway update adds the following enhancements:

  • Support for account generation with Account Printer AP 3100
    • Note: AP 3100 must be upgraded to at least  1.1.1
  • Support multiple AP licenses for each AP to support more concurrent users
  • Support for Gateway vendors:
    • ANTlabs S-series gateway
  • Support for more AP vendors:
    • Ubiquiti
      • Note: the Ubiquiti site must be configured to supply vendor=ubiquiti to the redirect URL
    • Aruba Instant On
      • Note: the required vendor value is aruba-instanton
  • Downstream login with LinkedIn, Office 365
  • RADIUS server upgrade to support Ubiquiti
  • ACG site GUI’s Location page shows updated social media logos
  • Licensing module to use License Server API v1.3

ACG Update 3
Release Date: 7 January 2020