ASP Update #7

This update adds the following enhancements:

  • New S-series gateway configuration backup and restore feature:
    • Trigger configuration backups on connected S-series gateways
    • Storage of the backups in the cloud
    • Trigger configuration restoration to the connected S-series gateways using one of stored backups.
    • Note: S-series Update 7 is required
  • New APIs:
    • Get admins for all sites or a specific site
    • Get global plans, accounts and codes for a specific organization
    • Manage (create/edit/delete/retrieve) global plan, account and code
  • Plan Edit page to prevent change in Apply Volume Limit setting
  • Usage Report PDF to split user source data table when site has many user sources
  • Improve load time of portal listing page
  • Custom portals to support user form authentication with no user verification
  • Built-in user form enhancements:
    • Assist user mobile entry by allowing admin to configure country code prefix (e.g. +65) to appear by default in the Mobile field
    • Improve mobile number validation
  • Service Provider > Gateways page to display gateway health/assignment status

This update includes the following bug fixes:

  • Update system component, so notification email gets sent out when gateway health status changes
  • Global Account and Global Code page:
    • Fix Upload and Download bandwidth custom values not showing
    • Fix Volume and Sharing values not showing
  • Custom Portal:
    • Fix Upload Custom Pages popup not able to download PHP file
    • Fix non-English banner not showing if it has no accompanying text
    • Location portal listing page fix to show thumbnail unavailable message instead of 504 error for custom portals whose external URLs are not reachable
    • Fully editable custom portal config page to add missing VLAN Name (VLAN) checkbox for external URL setting
    • Fix gateway domain not displayed after turning on and off External URL
  • All portal types – Fix banner URL validation error not hiding after correcting the URL
  • Show missing scroll bar on all pages

ASP Version: 1.0.7
Release Date: 17 May 2021