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  • How ANTlabs guest WiFi solutions help the world’s best airports achieve excellence and visitor satisfaction

    Did you know that ANTlabs guest WiFi solutions are used by at least 2 of the 3 best airports in the world? Every year, passengers of more than 100 nationalities are asked in independently funded surveys to rate their experiences in international airports. For the longest time, Singapore’s Changi Airport was considered the best of […]

  • ASP Update #9

    This update adds the following enhancements: New reports – Authentication Report and Summary Note: for S-series gateways to send up the authentication logs, Update 10 is required New APIs: Add/update authentication log Retrieve authentication logs for all sites or specified site/ site group Retrieve authentication summary for all sites or specified site/ site group Report […]

  • ASP Update #8

    This update adds the following enhancements: ASP admin GUI enhancements to make it easier to deploy the S-series gateways: Display the connection status of the on-site S-series gateway After the gateway has connected to ASP, proceed to allow admin to configure the site Note: new S-series gateway firmware with Update 7 is required, achieving faster […]

  • ASP Update #7

    This update adds the following enhancements: New S-series gateway configuration backup and restore feature: Trigger configuration backups on connected S-series gateways Storage of the backups in the cloud Trigger configuration restoration to the connected S-series gateways using one of stored backups. Note: S-series Update 7 is required New APIs: Get admins for all sites or […]

  • How web content filtering secures your network further

    Your router’s basic parental controls are probably the first thing that comes to mind to most people whenever the term ‘web content filtering’ is mentioned. After all, according to online security software vendors, the most common group of users that use web filtering are parents, businesses, and schools. The most obvious use case for content […]

  • ASP Update #6

    This update adds the following enhancements: New option in organization edit page to allow organization admins to view Gateway License page and edit site license Improved site duplication function: Duplication to multiple sites Provides the option to select a subset of data to duplicate Supports duplication of built-in portals Re-enables WeChat support: Adds WeChat authentication […]

  • How to deploy retail WiFi & WiFi marketing cost-effectively in a post-COVID-19 world

    How service providers can help businesses and retailers by deploying retail WiFi and WiFi marketing COVID-19 is officially one year old. In the past nine months, activities in high-traffic places such as shopping centers came to a screeching halt. Some mall tenants scrambled to pivot or adapt and find a way to stay afloat by […]

  • ASP Update #5

    This update adds the following enhancements: Release of new version 2.0 API for managing: Organization, Site, Admin, License Adds permission control for API access Blocks GUI access for accounts without GUI access permissions Adds option to assign multiple AP licenses to each AP for supporting more concurrent users. Sets NAS_ID as an optional field when […]

  • 5 things Service Providers should know for 2021

    By Kwang Tat Ang and Grace Naces The year 2020 is almost over, and one can only look back and wonder at how much things have changed across different industries.   No one could have anticipated the impact of the pandemic on the daily livelihoods of people, and disruptions to businesses and governments.  The good news […]

  • ASP Update #4

    This update added the following enhancements: Added access point usage and gateway usage history reports Added organization logo upload feature Support for HTTPS in Location Portals Added support for LinkedIn and Office365 Authentications in Built-in portals filters into User Details page data in reports Created default portal and LAN No VLAN for all sites Provided […]