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    ASP 2.0 Update #2

    This update adds the following enhancements:

       • Support for SAML IdP-initiated single sign-on to ASP admin panel for all admins including organization admins
       • New Organization Code to facilitate operational non-ambiguous reference to a specific organization
           ◦ Generate organization codes for existing organizations
           ◦ New Organization Code Prefix in Service Provider to prepend to newly created organization’s organization code
           ◦ Note: these organization codes are useful in uniquely identifying the organization when an organization is requesting its service provider for updates to its allotted licenses.
       • Bandwidth enhancement for on-premise gateways:
           ◦ Allow ASP admin to configure device bandwidth sharing method:
               ▪ By account (the default), allowing multiple devices of the same user to share a single bandwidth rate-limit
               ▪ By device, applying the plan’s rate limit on each device
               ▪ Important note: if your gateway is using the by-device option before this update, you will need to manually set it to such from the ASP admin panel after this update.
               ▪ Note: gateway requires software update to apply this setting that is pushed down from ASP. Please check gateway’s respective release notes.
       • Custom portal enhancement:
           ◦ Remove MIME type and file extension filter from file selector prompt to allow upload of any file type
       • Organization admin enhancement:
           ◦ Allow to change email address of existing organization admin
         • API enhancements:
           ◦ Get One Global Code/Account
               ▪ Show more info for last logged in site
           ◦ Organization Add API
               ▪ Support new authentication type: SAML SSO
               ▪ Generate organization code
           ◦ Organization Edit API
               ▪ Support new authentication type: SAML SSO
           ◦ Get One/All Organization(s)
               ▪ Show organization code and SAML settings in output

    This update includes the following fixes:
       • Duplicate Site Settings
           ◦ Fix site duplicate status showing 100% and never transiting to Success and settings not syncing down to gateway
       • Dashboard
           ◦ Fix 403 Forbidden error in the shortcut panel when logged-in admin has no admin edit role
       • API
           ◦ Fix Get All Sessions issue where filtering by inactive sessions shows all records
           ◦ Fix Get One Global Account showing Code Not Found error for first API call

    ASP VERSION: 2.0.2
    RELEASE DATE: 26 Sep 2022

    ASP 2.0 Update #1

    This update adds the following enhancements:

    • • Enhanced display of HA information
      • ◦ Assets -> Gateways page to show the gateway’s HA master/slave state
      • ◦ Site details page to show ID2 info where applicable
      • ◦ Site listing page to show hardware and software serial numbers for both ID1 and ID2 where applicable
    • • Location portal enhancements
      • ◦ When PMS type is Micros PMS, hide irrelevant options (room-based authentication and VIP plan configuration)
    • • API enhancements
      • ◦ New APIs
        • ▪ Get all sessions
        • ▪ Get all APs
        • ▪ Get details of an AP
        • ▪ Add AP
        • ▪ Update AP
        • ▪ Delete AP
      • ◦ Updated APIs
        • ▪ Get details of a global code or account to show at which site the user is currently logged in with this code/account
    • • Add Mikrotik RouterBOARD and Ubiquiti Unifi options to AP editor
    • • Profile management enhancement
      • ◦ Show reminder message that password is managed by an external server if RADIUS-authenticated admin login has been enabled for an organization and its organization admin attempts to change password

    This update includes the following fixes:

    • • Report fixes:
      • ◦ Wrong authentication count in Authentication report
      • ◦ AP usage history report showing empty chart when filtered by All APs
      • ◦ Session report showing ‘Selected date range should not be more than one month’ when last 30 days is selected.
    • • AP license synchronization fixes:
      • ◦ Site-AP relationship breaks during license synchronization
      • ◦ AP deletion fails if AP is not found in licensor
    • • Organization super-admin-related fixes:
      • ◦ Assets > Gateways search showing empty result
      • ◦ Site notification email not sending to organization super-admin
      • ◦ Organization logo image cropper pop-up not showing Use button
      • ◦ Cannot save new admin if site selection is empty

    ASP VERSION: 2.0.1
    RELEASE DATE: 3 Jun 2022

    ASP 2.0 Release

    This major version release adds the following enhancements:

    • Enhanced licensing
      • New types of licenses for on-premise gateways:
        • ▪ Gateway connectors
        • ▪ Web-filtering licenses
        • ▪ Global accounts
        • ▪ Config backups
      • ◦ Consolidated Wi-Fi license management for both on-premise and cloud gateways
      • ◦ Allow organization super-admins to claim gateways by hardware serial numbers
      • ◦ Allow service provider to assign service start/expiry, licenses, gateways and modules to each organization
    • • Support for new version 5.0.0 gateways
    • • Location portal enhancements
      • ◦ Upgrade built-in templates to support plan upgrade prompt for PMS-authenticated guests
    • • Enhanced look and feel for Home and Overview pages

    This update includes the following bug fix:

    • • Show list of saved configurations even for site with no assigned gateway

    ASP VERSION: 2.0
    RELEASE DATE: 3 Jun 2022

    ASP Update #11

    This update adds the following enhancements:

    • – Location portal enhancements:
      • > New option in PMS authentication method to hide View Messages and Retrieve Bill buttons in success page
      • > Facebook Like / Share on success page for all social networks
    • – New config backup duplicate feature to copy a config backup from one site to another site
      • > Note: As network configurations will be copied from one site to another, it is recommended that the config backup be taken at the state where WAN uses DHCP-acquired gateway so as to avoid losing WAN connectivity after restoring the config at the site the config is copied to.

    This update fixes the following issues:

    • – Location portal:
      • > Facebook Like / Share config controls are hidden in portal edit page although Facebook authentication has been enabled
      • > After successful PMS authentication:
        • – Retrieving bill returns ‘Transaction error: previous request is still being processed’
        • – Viewing messages returns “No messages found” although XL messages have been received from PMS
      • > Reports:
        • – Missing date in downloaded revenue report
        • – Authentication report download results in HTTP status code 500 when user login session has expired
        • – Usage report shows 0 New Users
      • > Accessing gateway GUI via ASP results in SSL certificate warning
      • > Session accounting log maintenance fix

    ASP VERSION: 1.0.11
    RELEASE DATE: 24 MAR 2022

  • ASP Update #10

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  • ASP Update #9

    This update adds the following enhancements: New reports – Authentication Report and Summary Note: for S-series gateways to send up the authentication logs, Update 10 is required New APIs: Add/update authentication log Retrieve authentication logs for all sites or specified site/ site group Retrieve authentication summary for all sites or specified site/ site group Report […]

  • ASP Update #8

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