Tag: cloud managed wifi

  • SG 4 Update #35 – Web-Admin Login Enhancements

    This update includes the following enhancements: Adds support for web-admin login ID to be changed from default root This update fixes the following issues where: Importing many port binding rules fail Where default web-admin login ID has changed, Go-live System Check reports password is default though password has been changed already Web-admin audit log can […]

  • SG 4 Update #34 – Updated Device Manager Configuration, Improved iOS Pseudo-browser Pop-up Speed, and Other Improvements

    SG 4 Update #34 adds the following enhancements: AP 2100 support for accounts with dynamic VLAN Micros Fidelio and JDS Interface to Springer-Miller PMS settings GUI enhancement to control DB sync and posting unacknowledged bills after link establishment Speed up it takes for iOS pseudo-browsers to pop up upon association with WiFi Improved look and feel for welcome […]

  • SG 4 Update #33 – Lawful Intercept, Session Monitor and Other Configuration

    This update fixes the following issues where: 000435 Lawful intercept local logging gets turned off after applying the update and rebooting Session monitor page has missing data for VLAN and Status columns 000475 Inter-VLAN routing settings are not included in the configuration backup 000492 WAN load-balancer does not work after configuration restore Configuration restore fails […]

  • SG 4 Update #32 – Go-live System Check and Bandwidth Monitor- copy

    This update adds the following enhancements: New Go-live System Check in web-admin GUI for hardening and configuring the system before going live New Top Bandwidth monitor that reports on the bandwidth utilization of downstream users Support for new PMS types: Accor FLINT-HTNG RMS Cloud Support for multiple complimentary codes Location custom URL allowed to add […]