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    SG 4 UPDATE #49

    This update updates the gateway’s default (ezxcess.antlabs.com) SSL certificate. The new SSL certificate’s expiry is 13 April 2024.

    Update Release No. 49
    Release Date: 22 Mar 2023
    Update File Name: 49.SG4000_base-hotfix-certificate-202300320-01.pkg
    (md5:  c5dae461e258675d2060701cb140ec6f)

    SG 4 UPDATE #48

    This update updates the gateway’s default (ezxcess.antlabs.com) SSL certificate.  The new SSL certificate’s expiry is 7 April 2023, 23:59 GMT.


    The current default SSL certificate will expire on 15 Apr 2022, 23:59:59 GMT.  This update should be applied before the expiry date, especially for sites that use the default SSL certificate to serve out downstream login pages with HTTPS enabled, to avoid errors or security warnings.

    Update Release No. 48
    Release Date: 22 Mar 2022
    Update File Name:48.SG4000_base-sys-hotfix-20220316-01.pkg
    (md5:  08158420ce136c46aa69257871561c06)

  • SG 4 Update #47 – API backward compatibility

    This hotfix updates account_add, account_get and plan_get_id API for backward compatibility. Update Release No. 47Release Date: 19 Nov 2021Update File Name: 47.SG4000_base-sys-hotfix-20210805-01.pkg      (md5:  4ee2872336e999b6ebfb11f652ad071a)

  • SG 4 Update #46

    This update adds the following enhancements: New PMS support – IDB New authentication mode – LDAP User policy enhancements New option to disable local logging of Form and Social users (Authentication > Settings) New option in Micros Fidelio and JDS Interface to Springer Miller PMS types to update existing guest info on receiving Guest In […]

  • SG 4 Update #45 – API Update

    This hotfix updates the API to use Facebook Graph API version 10.0. Update Release No. 45Release Date: 27 Apr 2021Update File Name: 45.SG4000_base-app-facebook_hotfix-20210427-01.pkg(md5: cd3f321542311b8d93278e462cc88e12)

  • SG 4 Update #44

    This update updates the gateway’s default SSL certificate. SG Update Release No. 44Release Date: 18 Mar 2021Update File Name: 44.SG4000_base-sys-hotfix-20210315-01.pkg     (md5: 136669fcc070706d9f10a555a3cf5d66)

  • SG 4 Update #42 – WeChat login, MAC filter enhancements, firewall module enhancements

    This update adds the following enhancements: Re-enabled support (Policies > Location) for downstream WeChat login, which was temporarily disabled due to WeChat WiFi login deprecation in August 2019 MAC filter enhancement: Added option of Dynamic VLAN to be used in response to Personal Area Network (PAN) authentication Import/export in CSV format Enhanced import/export of accounts […]

  • SG 4 Update #41 – HTTPS support for welcome, success, and error pages

    This update adds the following enhancements: Location enhancements: Added option for welcome pages to be served over HTTPS Support for external HTTPS URLs for success and error pages Upgrade of web server components to support HTTPS-served welcome pages This update fixes the following issues where: Instagram login fails due to Instagram’s adoption of the Basic Display and […]

  • SG 4 Update #39 – New ACS Features

    This update enhances the gateway to work with new ACS features / enhancements that are available since the release of ACS Update 16.5: Plan display name configuration Multiple complimentary codes This update fixes the following issues where: Welcome page is seen downstream of an ACS-configured auto-login location WAN floating IP is not displayed on the […]

  • SG 4 Update #38 – Facebook Login Error

    This update fixes the issue where attempting to log in with Facebook leads to “This URL is Blocked” error. SG4 4.2.0 update 38File Name: 38.SG4000_base-sys-hotfix-facebook-202000101-01.pkgFile Size: 19544 bytesMD5 Checksum: 092997f3283ca4c2af34bcc2409fa414Release Date: 2020-01-09 18:00 SGT