Introducing: New and Improved Support Plans for InnGate

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Faster Turnaround Time, Better Service–Guaranteed You’ve made a good IT investment with your InnGate purchase and have made your business more efficient. Enjoy more peace of mind when you get support coverage with faster turnaround time for your ANTlabs product. We are pleased to announce our new and improved support … Read More

New IG 3100 Launched in CommunicAsia 2013

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ANTlabs is pleased to launch the new IG 3100. New IG 3100 design supports “Deploy and Forget” The new design of the IG 3100 makes it much more robust to “deploy once and forget forever”. It’s fan-less and dust-free chassis design minimizes the chance of component failures. With is screw-in … Read More

The New InnGate 3.10 with Enhanced 24/7 Support is Here

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ANTlabs is pleased to announce that there will be a new and better InnGate on March 1, 2013. InnGate 3.10 comes with enhanced 24/7 and next business day support ANTlabs is the first global gateway vendor to offer 24×7 phone/email and next business day support* that only Telcos usually have access to. … Read More

InnGate 3.0 Advisory: Deprecated Version of Patch 35

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For customers who are using InnGate 3 G Series, please be informed that we have relased a new version of Patch 35, the Multi-WAN Module. This patch adds support for Multi-WAN module to aggregate multiple Internet connections for better user experience. Version  Patch Name  Release Date  MD5 Checksum  Deprecated: InnGate300_base-MultiWAN-20111209-01.pkg 23 … Read More

InnGate Tip: Apple Devices in Your WiFi Network

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It has been observed that when an iOS device associates with a WiFi network and is not immediately authenticated, the devices would temporarily shut WiFi down. To ensure a seamless login/relogin experience for Apple devices, add the following URL to Network > LAN > Walled Garden