IG 4 Update #32 – Go-live System Check and Bandwidth Monitor

This update adds the following enhancements:

  • New Go-live System Check in web-admin GUI for hardening and configuring the system before going live
  • New Top Bandwidth monitor that reports on the bandwidth utilization of downstream users
  • Support for new PMS types:
    • Accor FLINT-HTNG
    • RMS Cloud
  • Support for multiple complimentary codes
  • Location custom URL allowed to add zero-configuration values
  • Facebook login with latest Graph API version 3.2
  • PAN module upgrade
  • Upgrade to 64-bit software modules

This update fixes the following issues where:

  • Login with Instagram fails intermittently
  • Accounts that fail during creation appear in ACS Transaction Report
  • Relogin with an event-generated account fails
  • Session log with hundreds of thousands of entries cannot be downloaded
  • Report maintenance fails if the gateway is set to certain time zones
  • Verified user report does not show gender for Facebook user
  • PHP log shows errors of sending transactions to ACS although gateway is not linked to ACS
  • ACS-configured plan with QoS class other than Unlimited does not show up on IG 4210 and IG 4101

Note: There will be a forced reboot upon the successful application of this update.

IG4 update 32
File Name: 32.IG4000_base-sys-bulk16-20190410-01.pkg
File Size: 57734128 bytes
MD5 Checksum: 0168afe4b4de1b86d7629e7125d1553a
Release Date: 2019-06-10 10:00 SGT