Maximize your Hospitality, Large Venues & Telco/ISP networks

ANTlabs Next Generation networking solutions deliver seamless, secure connectivity, and centralized control for the Hospitality, Large Venues, and Telcos/ISPs industries. Our solutions are compliant with major networking standards like 3GPP, IEEE, WBA (Wireless Broadband Alliance), and data privacy regulations.


Within the Hospitality space, our unique HSIA (high-speed internet access) visitor-based solutions enable service providers to deploy free and paid Internet services very quickly in hotels, cafes & restaurants, and offices.

ANTlabs’ hospitality gateway solutions provide seamless guest experiences through capabilities that enable tight integration with PMS (Property Management Systems) and social media. Advanced QoS management also facilitates tiered and differentiated services.  All these features and more, allow ANTlabs to be the best hotel WiFi solution of choice for regional and global hotel groups seeking to monetize their WiFi and minimize their operational costs.

Large Venue

In the Large venue networks arena, ANTlabs is one of the leading network solutions providers for visitor-based solutions in MICE centers, schools and universities, malls, and transport hubs.

Venue owners and MSP (Managed Service Providers) can manage and monetize their public access networks effectively with ANTlabs’ single-box, high-capacity solutions with high-availability and redundancies features.  Our solutions support large numbers of subscribers via differentiated access through bandwidth control, as well as integration with social media for easy authentication and customer insights.

Telco / ISP

High-Performance 3GPP AAA, NGN DHCP, DNS, and IP Management – ANTlabs Carrier solutions are designed for the agile deployment of next-generation networks (NGNs), and can easily adapt to the explosive growth of complex networks that call for high capacity, high performance, and reliable connectivity with low latency.

From the agile deployment of IoT devices and network services in the home and office to network visibility and monitoring for remote troubleshooting and network problem resolution of network access equipment, we help our customers optimize the business value-chain from an end-to-end perspective.

Latest Updates

CapPort Support on ANTlabs Gateways

CapPort Support on ANTlabs Gateways Improving Captive Portal Detection and Venue Published Information for better visibility Captive portals are commonly used by public Wi-Fi networks to restrict access to the internet until the user agrees to certain terms and conditions or authenticates successfully. While captive portals are necessary for many public Wi-Fi networks, they can [...]

How to deploy ANTlabs Advanced QoS/QoS+ and dramatically improve your Wi-Fi network

How to deploy ANTlabs Advanced QoS/QoS+ and dramatically improve your Wi-Fi network Are users complaining about slow WiFi speeds? Do you want to provide your guests, or staff with all the bandwidth they need? Are you struggling to meet bandwidth requirements for guest WiFi, and cringing at the prospect of asking Management for yet another [...]

ANTlabs Featured on Wi-Fi NOW: Wi-Fi for MDUs requires a unique service management feature set

Wi-Fi for MDUs requires a unique service management feature set ANTlabs is featured on Wi-Fi NOW regarding the Wi-Fi managed services platform, ASP / ASP Cloud, as well as a host of gateway features and services like Advanced QoS, Personal Area Network (PAN), and Web Filtering to enhance the user experience for MDUs (Multi-Dwelling Units). [...]

Automation: The Next Big Thing for Cloud and Digitization

Automation: The Next Big Thing for Cloud and Digitization A for Automation According to Wikipedia, automation describes a wide range of technologies that reduce human intervention in processes. As the tongue-in-cheek section header implies, automation may very soon be the first thing on your priority to-do list.  Much has been said about the merits of [...]

5 Ways that Managed WiFi Service Providers can prosper in 2022

How Managed Wi-Fi Service Providers can prosper in 2022 A new year of challenges and opportunities As the new Lunar Year of the Tiger is upon us, we are hopeful that 2022 will be a year of opportunities for managed service providers (MSPs) providing Managed Wi-Fi services. For the past 2 years, there have been [...]

How web filtering secures your network further

How web filtering secures your network further Updated: 8 December 2021 Web content filtering is mostly used to keep inappropriate content out of kids' hands and restrict timewasters in corporate networks. However, its primary advantage is not limited to preventing access to undesirable content. Reduced malware infections and access to phishing websites are among the [...]

How ANTlabs guest WiFi solutions help the world’s best airports achieve excellence and visitor satisfaction

Did you know that ANTlabs guest WiFi solutions are used by at least 2 of the 3 best airports in the world? Every year, passengers of more than 100 nationalities are asked in independently funded surveys to rate their experiences in international airports. For the longest time, Singapore’s Changi Airport was considered the best of […]

ANTlabs Partners with Vastcom, Macau’s Leading ICT solutions provider

ANTlabs Pte. Ltd., a proven network technology product and solutions provider for the hospitality, telcos, ISP, and large venues, announces its partnership with Vastcom Technology Limited, the leading one-stop ICT solutions provider in Macau. Vastcom has over a decade of working experience in the hospitality and gaming industries, and its current mission is to assist […]

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