ACS Update 16.11

This update adds the following enhancements:

  • Location portal enhancements:
    • Re-enable WeChat
      • Allow configuring WeChat authentication in location portal.
      • Add WeChat data in reports.
    • Add support for PayWay and Authorize.Net Accept.js payment portals.
    • Stricter MIME type check for logo, background, and banner uploads, allowing only JPEG, PNG, and GIF
    • Tool-tip in Authentication tab that hints at required modules
    • Update all social login buttons for built-in portals
    • Enhanced confirmation popup style in the portal editor
  • Allow uploading organization logo that shows on the ACS GUI top panel after log in
  • Site editor to allow platform admin to choose only site groups to belong to his/her organization.
  • Enforce Download Report permission check for all reports
  • Enhanced web security in ACS GUI and downstream welcome pages with jQuery version upgrade to 3.5.1

This update includes the following fixes:

  • Fix credit card authentication issue (fail to insert transaction) for a gateway with an update level of at least 40
  • Report fixes:
    • Fix missing ‘Share of Devices,’ ‘Share of OS’ and ‘Share of Browser’ pie charts in PDF downloaded via Reports & Analytics > Devices.
    • Fix missing report attachment in the email when sending out daily reports
    • Fix missing LinkedIn and Office 365 data in Visitor Sources graphs in Demographics Report PDF
    • Rectified affinity mapping for Facebook likes category.
    • Change report PDF footer from ‘© 2020 Antlabs Pte Ltd.’ to ‘© 2021 ANTlabs Pte Ltd.’
  • Built-in Portal fixes:
    • Fix missing down arrow in custom portal’s language select-box
    • Fix multi-language selection not working in the pseudo browser of apple devices
    • Fix external success page redirection not working in the built-in portal
    • Prevent language dropdown from being cut off in preview window and on iPad and browser with same iPad width
    • Prevent OR divider from showing when either form or social authentication is enabled for Black, Blue, Classic, and Plain template
    • User form to allow capital letters in the email field.
    • Portal editor fix for missing Userid checkbox for external success page’s URL parameters
  • Custom Portal fixes:
    • Custom portal support for <input type=”tel”> field
    • Fix custom portal download issue in chrome
  • Admin editor fixes:
    • Selected sites being removed from admin when site group is deselected
    • Existing sites being removed from admin when admin group is changed
    • Prevent saving of admin with no selected site
  • Fix empty hardware and software serial numbers if the gateway has not been reported to ACS or the license has broken.
  • Fix overlapping icon and label in site editor’s site group select box

ACS Version 1.16.11 (Update 16.11)
Release Date: 4 March 2021