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    ACS Update 16.12

    This update adds the following enhancement:
         • Remove MIME type and file extension filter from file selector prompt of custom portal editor to allow upload of any file type

    This update fixes the following issue:
         • Idle timed-out user logs in again and encounters 404 Not Found when accessing some pages, e.g. Roaming Session.

    ACS Version 1.16.12 (Update 16.12)
    Release Date: 31st October 2022

    ANTlabs Authentication Methods

    ANTlabs recently added Office 365 and LinkedIn to its ever-growing list of Social WiFi authentication methods. Aside from allowing your guests to connect via social media quickly, here is the comprehensive list of ways you and your guests can connect to WiFi when using ANTlabs gateways:


    Social media – Encourage your guests to log in via Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, Line, WeChat, and LinkedIn–and let them post good things about your venue

    Complimentary access – invite more guests to your venue with free WiFi

    User ID and password authentication (local accounts) – provide your guests, members, VIPs, and staff their WiFi user name and password

    Access code authentication (local accounts) – generate and give out WiFi access codes to your guests

    MAC-level authentication for non-HTTP devices – choose which devices can connect to your network

    PMS authentication and Billing – conveniently connect your esteemed guests through your hotel’s property management system

    Email / SMS authentication – let your guests connect to your network through email or SMS

    Office 365 login – your guests and office staff can use their Office 365 account to login to your WiFi network

    Auto-login – no login page for areas where you want guests to connect to your network sans access codes seamlessly

    Account Printer – one-tap access code generation on a hand-held device (i.e. ANTlabs Account Printer AP 3100)


    ANTlabs gateways also support credit card authentication and billing through Worldpay, Authorize.net, Payflow Pro, Payflow Link.


    Recently in December, WeChat rejoined ANTlabs’ roster of social WiFi login methods after its brief hiatus.