ACS Update 16.9

This update added the following enhancements:

  • Added LinkedIn and Office365 authentications into portals
  • Added LinkedIn and Office365 filters into User Details page
  • Showed LinkedIn and Office365 data in reports
  • Added Payway And Authorize.Net Accept JS payment gateways Into Credit Card authentication
  • Allow to add logo image dimension into config.ini of custom portal
  • Reduce file size of downloaded reports
  • Hide Public IP, Seamless Relogin, Price when Plan Type: Auto-Login is selected
  • Keep dual select box scroll bar position not to go up when one item is selected
  • Show red star beside required fields of admin add/edit form

This update fixes the following issues:

  • Logo upload field is showing if config.ini does not contain LOGO tag
  • Browser title is not shown in custom portal’s preview iframe
  • Loader keeps showing in built-in portal’s preview page
  • Landing page of custom portal is not redirected to configured domain
  • Data tables are chopped off when two or more months are selected.
  • Consent value ” is saved when consent checkbox is not checked
  • Calendar js and country list js are not rendered when only user form authentication is enabled.
  • Spelling mistake ‘multilanguage’ in duplicate portal
  • Report download permission is not checked in Preview and Download button
  • Subscription message in report page is disappeared after page is loaded
  • Show All link in subscription message is not working properly
  • Button size is different in OTP page
  • Missing accounting stop and bandwidth usage

ACS Version: 1.16.9 (UPDATE 16.9)
Release Date: 28 Jul 2020