ACS Update 16.4

This update added the following enhancements:

  • Added the following options for Built-in Portal:
    • ‘Do Not Post Free Plan’ option under PMS Authentication of all portals.
    • ‘PAN > Assign dynamic VLAN using Room No’ under PMS Authentication of all portals.
    • ‘Creation Interval’ for Social Authentication of all portals.
    • Configuration option for background image position and colour.
  • Improve terms and condition lightbox styles for all built-in template.
  • Split Custom Portal to Custom Portal and Editable Custom Portal
  • Added built-in processor option for both Custom portal and Editable Custom portal.
  • Make Valid Until column sortable in Subscription page.
  • Added ‘Organization Name’ and ‘Hardware Serial’ columns in Settings > Subscription Page
  • Added ‘Download’ button to download all subscription records.

API Changes:

  • Roaming-user POST/PUT API:
    • Added one more optional parameter ‘unit’ into Roaming-user POST/PUT. 
      • Possible values: ‘second’, ‘minute’ and ‘hour’. Default value: ‘minute’
  • Roaming PUT/POST API:
    • Overwrites usergroup, plan, site_token, roam_token, mac address, expiry date when user already exist.
    • Returns Error Code: 10, Error message: Subscription required if site subscription is ‘lite’
  • Users Move API:
    • Fix 500 internal error when provided source or destination value is not valid
  • Transaction POST API:
    • Fix critical error (DateTime::__construct(): Failed to parse time string)

This update fixes the following issues:

  • Fixed the issue of session reports displaying incorrect start and end time due to missing adjustments from accounting start and stop delays.
  • Fixed GUI issues in built-in portal:
    • Auto-Login option is enabled in built-in portal, Save button is not shown
    • Auto-Login option is enabled and disabled again, Next button is not shown.
    • Corrected wrong label ‘Welcome to ANTlabs Cloud Services’ to ‘Welcome Message’
    • Prevented negative input values for Account Expiry fields
    • Changing footer colour doesn’t work in generated built-in pages.
    • Button’s background colour is not configured, button’s label colour change is not working in generated built-in pages.
    • Reverted lightbox changes for corporate template. Corporate template should show terms and condition and login button in login page
    • PMS authentication > Plan select box is not hidden in preview and generated built-in pages.
    • Form background colour and form font colour changes is not working in Corporate template
  • Fixed issue where no organization is shown in Settings > Organization when admin’s level is greater than 100.
  • Fixed issue of missing google user profile.
  • Fixed issue of Hardware serial and Software serial is showing as N/A in subscription trial internal email.
  • Fixed issue where ‘405 method not allowed’ page is shown after idle timeout and user logins again
  • Fixed issue of gateway not synchronizing plans when there are no PMS VIP plans defined.

ACS VERSION: 1.16.4 (UPDATE 16.4)
RELEASE DATE: 2 Oct 2019