ACS Update 16.5

This update added the following enhancements:

  • The following Built-in Portal options:
    • Consent option to support GDPR compliance
    • Configurable logo positioning (Left, Center, Auto)
    • Support for multiple complimentary codes
    • ‘Display Terms and Conditions in Popup’ option to display T&C in popup
    • ‘Display Consent in Popup’ option to display consent in popup
    • ‘Enable Banner/Slider External URL in Login Page’ option to show banner url in downstream login page before login
  • Custom Portal enhancements:
    • If config.ini is not uploaded in custom portal, show error ‘Config file not found. Please upload config.ini to proceed’ (Custom Portal)
    • Show allowed MIME type and file extension in file manager popup
    • Show files list if user uploaded zip file contains disallowed MIME types
  • Translated creator display format in Purchase Transaction Report. (eg. cc to Credit Card, pms to PMS, etc)
  • Compressed each generated file as zip to save more space
  • Add one more option to duplicate everything including name, description, zone, roaming and global account re-login of custom portal and full custom portal
  • Sort Revenue Summary record in descending order.
  • Modify Report & Analytics > Download page to be able to download generated reports
  • Added Preview & Download button into Report & Analytics > Usage, Devices, Demographics, Interests pages to download real-time report

This update fixes the following issues:

  • Session time is very big and very long duration is showing in Usage page
  • Organization search and sort has 500 error
  • JavaScript error in organization list
  • Portal can be saved without selecting any plan in Non VIP Plans
  • No error is shown when Auto-login plan is not selected and save the portal
  • Success message is shown even after the error “Portal name is already in use, please enter another one.” and portal is cancelled
  • Newly added language takes over default language setting.
  • Adding new plan doesn’t refresh the options in other plan selectbox (Custom Portal & Full Custom Portal)
  • Two Save & Close buttons are shown if user has no preview permission (Custom Portal Add)
  • Save & Close button is not shown if user has no preview permission (Custom Portal Edit)
  • If portal name already exist, error cannot be seen in other tabs. Loading image is shown for a while and portal is not saved. (Built-in Portal)
  • PHP codes are duplicated in generated pages: success.ant, pip.ant (Builtin Portal)
  • Wrong All Zone value is saved in database. (All Portals)
  • JavaScript error in generated login page when user form authentication is enabled. (Built-in Portal)
  • When port number is empty, failed to save report schedule.
  • Minus (-) button is disabled in report schedule. Emails can be removed.
  • Validate Port number field not to allow negative value
  • Grey template footer background colour is red. It should be #59747C.
  • Repeated emails are sent when Advanced subscription or free trial is activated.
  • Total User and Average Duration is 0 if start date and end date is the same
  • Plan new page is refreshed and ‘plan already exist’ error message is disappeared when plan is added in built-in portal
  • ‘Seamless Relogin’ field is hidden when plan type: ‘Unlimited duration and volume’ or ‘Stored volume’ is selected
  • Memory limit exceed when transaction csv or session csv is generated

ACS Version: 1.16.5 (UPDATE 16.5)
Release Date: 15 Jan 2020