ASP Update #4

This update added the following enhancements:

  • Added access point usage and gateway usage history reports
  • Added organization logo upload feature
  • Support for HTTPS in Location Portals
  • Added support for LinkedIn and Office365
    • Authentications in Built-in portals
    • filters into User Details page
    • data in reports
  • Created default portal and LAN No VLAN for all sites
  • Provided options to add sample portals when new ‘Hotel’ site is created
  • Upgraded jQuery version from 3.1.1 to 3.5.1
  • Enhanced confirmation popup style in portals
  • Added MIME type filter for logo, background, and banner upload function of portals
    • Allowed MIME types: image/jpeg, image/png, image/gif
  • Added Site Count column in Cloud Gateway table
  • Added ‘Other’ option into site category and make site category as required field
  • Show error when Gateway or Cloud Gateway is selected and hardware serial is not selected
  • Validate success page and error page external URLs to contain protocol ‘http://’ or ‘https://’
  • Added audit logs when a global plan, global code, and global account are added/edited/deleted
  • Added more input validation and enhance error messages in global code and global account add/edit form
  • Disabled Delete button in all confirmation popup to prevent clicking twice
  • Enhanced admin add/edit form to show relevant organization based on selected admin group
  • Enhanced admin add/edit form to show site groups and sites based on the selected organization
  • Synced Cloud Gateway URL from the license server and save it for each site for accessing Cloud Gateway site GUI
  • Show Cloud Gateway URL as default domain when the custom portal is created for Cloud Gateway

This update fixes the following bugs:

  • Session Report’s End Time is not updated when the site is deleted
  • Fixed wrong folder and file permission in the control server
  • The landing page of the custom portal is not redirected to the configured domain
  • Credit card authentication failed to insert transaction when the gateway has update level >= 40
  • Sites not shown when sites count is more than 10 on the AP License page. See More link is missing to load more site
  • Admin creation shows 500 when the display name is very long
  • Issue of user doesn’t see edit icon in VLAN list although he/she has VLAN edit permission
  • User Sources data table messed up when the site has many user sources
  • Fixed 500 error when AP is deleted and license server API request failed
  • Global accounts and Global codes are wrongly deleted by the cleanup script
  • Global account and Global code can’t be disabled during creation
  • Updated audit logs not to show the logs of other same level admins
  • Change report PDF footer from ‘‎© 2020 Antlabs Pte Ltd.’ to ‘‎© 2020 ANTlabs Pte Ltd.’

ASP Version: 1.0.4
Release Date: 14 Oct 2020