ASP Update #5

This update adds the following enhancements:

  • Release of new version 2.0 API for managing:
    • Organization, Site, Admin, License
    • Adds permission control for API access
  • Blocks GUI access for accounts without GUI access permissions
  • Adds option to assign multiple AP licenses to each AP for supporting more concurrent users.
  • Sets NAS_ID as an optional field when defining an AP to support APs that cannot configure NAS_ID
  • Adds option to delete an existing organization logo
  • Enhances ASP homepage to be able to view site details even without Internet access
  • Adds site group validation to ensure platform admins select site groups within the organization
  • Enhances platform admin license notification email to show License, Burst, and Used value
  • Adds tool-tip in Location Portal Authentication tab to indicate when required modules are not installed
  • Adds the function to send admin logs to external syslog server
  • Removes unnecessary saving of client info in session variables for custom portals
  • Upgrades jQuery engine to 3.3.1 to prevent vulnerabilities

This update fixes the following bugs:

  • Wrong affinity mapping for Facebook likes category
  • Site add / edit issue when there is no Internet Access
  • Selected sites being removed from admin when site group is deselected
  • Existing sites being removed from admin when the admin group is changed
  • Prevents admin creation with not selected site
  • Admin group cannot be saved if no permission is selected
  • Overlapped icon and label in site group select box
  • Custom portal download issue in chrome
  • The menu can’t be opened in mobile view
  • Gateway Usage’s y-axis displays the number of units although value is 0
  • Report not found issue when sending out daily reports
  • 500 server error when organization admins add/edit/delete global plan/account/code
  • 500 server error when the license is updated and licensor API return logged in device -1
  • ‘Share of Devices’, ‘Share of OS’ and ‘Share of Browser’ pie charts are missing in PDF downloaded via Reports & Analytics > Devices
  • Down arrow in custom portal’s language select-box is not shown
  • Multi-language selection not working in the pseudo browser of apple devices
  • Last Seen date is not updated in user details page when the social user logged in again

ASP Version: 1.0.5
Release Date: 4 DEC 2020