ASP Update #6

This update adds the following enhancements:

  • New option in organization edit page to allow organization admins to view Gateway License page and edit site license
  • Improved site duplication function:
    • Duplication to multiple sites
    • Provides the option to select a subset of data to duplicate
    • Supports duplication of built-in portals
  • Re-enables WeChat support:
    • Adds WeChat authentication option into all portals
    • Adds WeChat data into reports
  • New payment gateway support:
    • PayWay (Australia)
    • Authorize.Net Accept.js
  • Custom portal enhancements:
    • Support for selection of multiple files for downloading in the Upload Custom Pages popup
    • Enhanced performance when loading custom portal for editing
    • Support for HTML input type “tel”
  • New “Edit Roaming Option” admin permission for location portal’s roaming option

This update includes the following fixes:

  • Built-in portal fixes:
    • Redirect to configured external success page
    • Improved validation of email address in user forms, including allowing upper case
    • Updated social login buttons
    • Display User ID URL parameter checkbox in portal editor’s Success tab
    • Display complete language dropdown menu under tablet screen resolution when Black, Blue and Plain templates are used
    • Allow label for English to be changed for multi-language portals
    • Preserve configured roaming plan
  • Display down arrow in the language select-box in a custom portal
  • Some sites are not displayed in the site listing
  • Include LinkedIn and Office 365 visitor sources by age information in the downloaded User Demographics report

ASP Version 1.0.6
Release Date: 17 February 2021