IG 4 Update #46

This update adds the following enhancements:

  • New PMS support — IDB
  • User policy enhancements
    • New option to disable local logging of Form and Social users (Authentication > Settings)
    • New option in Micros Fidelio and JDS Interface to Springer Miller PMS types to update existing guest info on receiving Guest In message
    • Enhanced phone number and email address validation in built-in user form
  • Admin GUI enhancements
    • Plan and Bandwidth Settings page to display None when no QoS class has been selected
    • Align with the naming convention of the cloud platform where Plan Name uniquely identifies a plan while Plan Display Name is shown to downstream users and may not be unique
  • API enhancement to support unique plan_name and plan_display_name
  • System performance enhancements:
    • SNMP module update to prevent delay in service availability on boot-up when there are many VLANs
    • Web proxy config update to reduce time-to-live for negative caching of failed DNS lookups
    • Reduce the maximum network failure detection timing to 45 seconds
    • Database optimization for faster downstream login/relogin
    • Network interface tuning for better performance

In addition, this update includes the following fixes:

  • Prevent double submit of PayPal Payflow Pro credit card payment
  • Enhance performance of VLAN import to prevent failure to import huge number of VLANs
  • Fix missing “Check for Updates” button after system reboots while downloading updates
  • Update web server and redirect config to fix HTTPS login page served via custom domain not displaying properly when downstream proxy is turned on
  • Fix bug where via GUI, increasing sharing of fixed-duration account that has not been logged in with and that has no valid-until date causes loan duration to clamp to zero
  • Fix bug where some GUI pages fail to load when viewed via a URL with a non-443 SSL port
  • Fix bug where associated event plans are not deleted when deleting an event

It is recommended to reboot the gateway after this update has been applied.

Update Release No. 46
Release Date: 2 Aug 2021
Update File Name: 46.IG4000_base-sys-bulk24-20210513-01.pkg     
(md5: 5505fcede9227ca8d51c05c35ef8ce12)