Cost-effective Aggregated Bandwidth Using InnGate Multi-WAN Module

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Using a dedicated load balancer to aggregate bandwidth is one of the solutions to getting better end-user experience. However, doing this also means incurring more expenses for the operator–not to mention that not all features can be fully used. ANTlabs offers a more cost-effective solution to getting better end-user experience … Read More

InnGate 3.0 Advisory: Deprecated Version of Patch #3

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For customers who are using InnGate 3 G Series, please be informed that we have relased a new version of Patch 35, the Multi-WAN Module. This patch adds support for Multi-WAN module to aggregate multiple Internet connections for better user experience. Version  Patch Name  Release Date  MD5 Checksum  Deprecated: InnGate300_base-MultiWAN-20111209-01.pkg 23 … Read More

InnGate 3’s Patch 33 to be released November 2011

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Patch 32 was launched in October 2011 with a lot of important features and Session Rate Limit was one of those. It was introduced to mitigate issues of DOS attacks to InnGate by misbehaving clients (with virus, P2P software, etc.), however, it was too restrictive. It created issues for hotel … Read More

Best Practices to Protect WiFi Hotspots

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The inherent nature of such public WiFi networks is such that it has to remain very open to make it easy and convenient for users to connect and get online, yet remain secure and robust to only allow authorized users to gain the required level access and service while prevent … Read More