ANTlabs launches Learning Portal

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ANTlabs is pleased to announce that our online learning portal ( is now available to all partners worldwide. The new online learning portal offers training courses that aims to equip partners with the relevant knowledge (products and processes) to work more effectivity and efficiency. Course content is provided in short, … Read More

Advisory: SQL Injection and Reflected Cross Site Scripting Vulnerabilities (CVE-201502849 and CVE-2015-2850)

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Publication Date: 06 Jul 2015 Description SQL Injection Vulnerability A vulnerability which allows user to perform queries on the underlying datastore via ppli URL parameter of the default login page main.ant; CVE-2015-2849 Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability A reflected cross-site scripting vulnerability exists in the msg URL parameter of the admin login page … Read More

ANTlabs pre-launches IG 4 at HITEC 2015

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Austin, TX – ANTlabs has given a sneak peak of a new gateway that they will launch this year—the IG 4. The announcement was made during their exhibition at HITEC 2015 in Austin, Texas on June 15-18, 2015. The IG 4 was built on the success of its predecessor, the … Read More

Like for Access: 3 Benefits of Social WiFi in Hotels

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To the savvy traveller, few things rival the importance of staying connected – to stay in touch with family, share their adventures live with friends, or keep tabs on work. Good Internet connectivity will always be one of the first things travellers look for abroad, sometimes even before comfort. And it … Read More

Give VIP-Grade WiFi to VIPs: InnGate’s Enhanced PMS Module

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The drive towards automation is changing the way people think about many tasks in the IT management space. In the hospitality sector, one of these is differentiating VIP guests from regular ones for WiFi access. The ANTlabs InnGate makes this process, programmable, enabling easier guest account provisioning and management through tight … Read More