ASP Update #10

Advisory to ASP admin:

This update carries fixes for built-in portals with external success page.  These fixes will take effect on the gateway after the location portals have been synced to the gateway. 

For sites that require the built-in portal external success page fixes, you should push the fixes to the gateway by triggering a sync-down of the ASP-managed configuration (i.e., by opening one of the site’s configurations, for example, Bandwidth, and saving it).

This update adds the following enhancements:

  • CSV import and export of VLANs

This update fixes the following issues:

  • Built-in Portal
    • User does not get redirected to external success page after user-configured delay
    • For Minimalist, Natural or Corporate template, and external success URL configured to display as link or redirect after user-configured delay, on successful downstream login, user gets a blank page
    • Success tab of Location Portal editor does not show built-in success page if External URL with user-defined delay has been configured
    • Welcome tab: cannot proceed to next page if any of the text fields is left empty.  The fields are meant to be optional.
  • Editable custom portal
    • Uploaded logo, background, slider images get lost after portal is saved a second time
  • Reports
    • Top sites not showing though lawful intercept is activated in gateway
    • Missing session records when user logs in between 23:59:01 and 23:59:59 local time
  • VLAN configuration
    • Sort by VLAN ID is sorted wrongly.  Should be in numeric order.
    • Missing VLAN ID validation to be between 1 and 4094
  • Wrong details log file name in maintenance config file of session accounting server
  • Timed out sessions not closing in global/roaming authentication server
  • ‘405 Method Not Allowed’ error after platform admin logs in successfully with 2FA code