ASP Update #9

This update adds the following enhancements:

  • New reports – Authentication Report and Summary
    • Note: for S-series gateways to send up the authentication logs, Update 10 is required
  • New APIs:
    • Add/update authentication log
    • Retrieve authentication logs for all sites or specified site/ site group
    • Retrieve authentication summary for all sites or specified site/ site group
  • Report enhancements:
    • Access Point Usage report page to allow user to generate a report for all APs of the selected site
    • Scheduled report notifications to include new authentication report and summary
    • Reports download page to allow user to select Day report (in addition to existing Month and Week options)
  • Support for module differentiation based on gateway’s product name and model:
    • Site add/edit page to show the user-selectable modules based on product name and model of the gateway that has been selected
    • Site Add and Site Update APIs updated
  • Global account/code enhancements:
    • Allow plan change for accounts/codes that have not yet been logged in with
    • Expected End Time to display in user-natural format with time zone offset
  • Configuration backup/restore page to show last restore details: by which admin and date/time of restore
  • Non-selection of QoS class to display as None at Plan add/new page and Bandwidth Settings page
  • Improve Content Management page load time

This update includes the following fixes:

  • Plan fixes
    • Fix Plan cannot be deleted though it has not been used by any location portal
    • Fix Plan can be deleted though it has been used by a portal
    • Fix issue where a fixed-duration volume-limited plan with sharing > 1 can be created and then fails to sync down to the gateway
  • Global account/code fixes
    • Fix First Login Time not updated on first login
    • Sharing limit input should be hidden when changing account/code that has not logged in to a stored-duration plan
    • Global account validation fixes:
      • Disallow just whitespace as name
      • Display user-friendly message for email validation errors
  • Site notification fixes
    • Correct display of site notification on/off status
    • Fix site notification failing to turn on/off if admin group level of logged-in user is between 2 and 49
  • For site with unassigned gateway, prevent user from adding VLAN
  • Site edit popup via Service Provider > Gateways page > Up > Assign to New Site to populate with selected gateway’s hardware serial number
  • Reports fixes
    • Fix session records not inserted if user agent string is very long
    • Fix Session report sort by site name not working
    • Fix User Details page sort by Age Group not working
    • End-date selection in Transaction, Session and Authentication reports set correctly to 23:59
    • Allow user-selected sorting criteria to persist in Session Report and Transaction Report as user changes site selection
    • Fix form user missing from report if prompted birthday field has not been filled
  • Site duplicate status page to show failure reason correctly
  • Downstream login page to use zh-TW (traditional Chinese) if browser’s preferred language is zh-HK or zh-MO
  • Fix admin logs page not being able to search for text in Details ​

ASP Version: 1.0.9
Release Date: 23 August 2021