IG 4 S-Series Update #4 – WeChat login, MAC filter enhancements, firewall module enhancement

This update adds the following enhancements:

  • Re-enabled support (Policies > Location) for downstream WeChat login, which was temporarily disabled due to WeChat WiFi login deprecation in August 2019
  • MAC filter enhancement:
    • Added option of Dynamic VLAN to be used in response to Personal Area Network (PAN) authentication
    • Import/export in CSV format
  • Enhanced import/export of accounts
    • Include dynamic VLAN field
    • CSV exports to be in a zip file for more than 30,000 accounts
  • Added options to turn off syncing to the cloud platform of:
    • Social and form users
    • User sessions
    • Transactions
  • Enhanced Firewall module for more efficient plan-based rules
  • Enhanced DNS service for enhanced stability and to handle new TYPE 65 (HTTPS) requests properly
  • Better support for HTTPS downstream login pages served out with custom SSL certificate
  • Updated web server and web proxy for enhanced security
  • Update of some system components to 64-bit

This update fixes the following issues:

  • Configuration backup file cannot be downloaded on some machines
  • On promoting to active HA state, gratuitous ARP packets for the Management Port’s floating IP address are not sent out so the connected switch is not updated as to the transfer of the floating IP to the new active node.
  • Email addresses with certain endings cannot be saved for Email Client > External server > Sender Email and Email Server > Display Email
  • Missing Office 365 icon on welcome page that uses Modern template
  • Some configuration-restored machines have no QoS Class in some plans.  This update updates such plans to have UNLIMITED QoS Class.

It is recommended to reboot the machine after applying this update.

IG 4 S Series Update Release No. 4
Release Date 18th Dec 2020
Update File Name 04.IG4000S_base-sys-bulk03-20201204-01.pkg
(md5: 1a74fd0b2d152d073181e58e2eb5d210 )