IG 4 Update #41 – HTTPS support for welcome, success, and error pages

This update adds the following enhancements:

  • Location enhancements:
    • Added option for welcome pages to be served over HTTPS
    • Support for external HTTPS URLs for success and error pages
  • Upgrade of web server components to support HTTPS-served welcome pages

This update fixes the following issues where:

  • Instagram login fails due to Instagram’s adoption of the Basic Display and Graph APIs over the Legacy one since July 2020
  • Guest accounts with device sharing do not migrate to new PAN VLAN upon room change
  • Saving SNMP v1/v2c settings results in an error message “Failed to save SNMP configuration” under some conditions
  • Entering wrong one-time password on user form results in blank page
  • With external success/error page configured, after paying with Worldpay Select Junior, user is not directed to the custom URL
  • ​​​​​​​​​​userid and code are not appended to external success URL despite user configuration
  • An ACS plan that is to be deleted does not get deleted if its plan display name is different from its plan unique ID

Note: It is recommended to reboot the machine after applying the update.

IG4 update 41
File Name: 41.IG4000_base-sys-bulk22-20200805-01.pkg
File Size: 2833592 bytes
MD5 Checksum: 4a3bb3e6f8bebe123600a5e32aad2c63
Release Date: 2020-10-12 20:00 SGT