SG 4 S-Series Update #6

This update adds the following enhancements:

  • Licensing GUI to display the service provider contract details
  • Enhanced web security by removing TLS 1.1 support for web pages served by the gateway
  • Use Facebook Graph API version 10.0
  • New optional reset_balance=yes input to account_update API module to support Fixed Duration plan update where a reset of remaining duration balance for an account that has ever been logged in is desired

This update includes the following fixes:

  • Update web server config to fix HTTPS custom login page served via custom domain not displaying properly when a downstream proxy is turned on
  • Fix list of available updates not showing after the gateway has rebooted while updates are being downloaded
  • Send WeChat user details to the cloud platform
  • API fixes
    • Update remaining duration balance when account_update API module is invoked with valid_until update request for an account that has ever been logged in with
    • social_embed API module’s login_button_size to default to large if not specified
  • Fix web admin access getting blocked even for allowed addresses when IP address access control is enabled
  • Ensure orderly application of user settings and firewall rules during bootup so domains that resolve to the WAN floating IP like work after config restore
  • Fix static routes not brought up sometimes upon reboot or becoming an active node in HA setup
  • Fix email bypass/enabled settings not applied correctly under some situations
  • Fix Web Proxy settings not applied under some situations
  • Fix top bandwidth results not returning when admin GUI is accessed via a non-443 port, e.g. via Connect to Gateway from the cloud platform

It is recommended to reboot the gateway after applying this update.

Update Release No. 6
Release Date: 26 Apr 2021
Update File Name: 06.SG4000S_base-sys-bulk04-20210316-01.pkg
(md5: c30060a4b08387b78ef4b6a96acaac9a)