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    SG 4 S-Series Update #16

    This update includes the following fixes:

    • – Fix gateway not being able to connect to with an ASP remote access session as gateway has failed host key verification.
    • – Fix gateway losing connectivity to the cloud when a server domain resolves to a different IP address. Fix cloud communication module to use per-connection handle DNS caching.

    • – Fix posting wrong bill amount to Micros 1700/2000/3700/4700/8700 PMS with respect to whole number currency settings.

    SG 4 S-Series Update Release No. 16
    Release Date: 22 July 2022
    Update File Name: 16.SG4000S_base-sys-hotfix-20220719-01.pkg
    File Size: 1.3 MB
    (md5: 03fd8be9f87e1bacc4a99752c54fdbbe)


    SG 4 S-Series Update #15

    This update includes the following enhancements:
    • New PMS Support – Micros 1700/2000/3700/4700/8700
    • Account Printer (AP 3100) module upgrade
       ◦ Dynamic VLAN support based on user-entered VLAN ID or Room Number
          ▪ Note: for Room Number user entry support, Room to VLAN mapping must be configured.
    • DHCP module upgrade
       ◦ Allow user to configure default and max lease durations for per-VLAN DHCP scope
       ◦ Support for captive-portal DHCP option
    • Report module upgrade
       ◦ Enhanced CSV export for PMS guest, checkout and billing logs, supporting large number of log entries
    • DNS service upgrade
       ◦ IP resolution retry logic for the domain of the website displayed for sites blocked with Security Module
       ◦ Enhanced stability in the presence of BADVERS responses to Extended Mechanisms for DNS (EDNS) queries with unsupported version numbers
    • Enhanced PAN module stability
    • Cloud-related enhancement
       ◦ Speed up time it takes for cloud-managed settings to apply to gateway
    • Improve HA failover timing

    This update includes the following fixes:

    • Plan module fixes
       ◦ Allow Form (Temp) temp to edit its QoS class
       ◦ Fix issue where plan bandwidth limits do not take effect properly after plan is saved, while Advanced QoS module is not activated
       ◦ Add Plan page fix so left feature menu can expand properly
       ◦ Fix issue in Add Plan page where Volume input gets hidden when changing plan type from Stored Volume to Unlimited
    • API fixes
       ◦ plan_update to allow plan sharing to drop from more than 1 to 1
       ◦ account_update to update dynamic VLAN properly
    • Status collector module to get the right physical IP values for the network interfaces. This fixes the issue where ASP displays the wrong value for WAN physical IP.

    SG 4 S-Series Update Release No. 15
    Release Date: 5 May 2022
    Update File Name: 15.SG4000S_base-sys-bulk10-20220317-01.pkg
    File Size: 14 MB
    (md5: 5c8a1a126c919934c1cd103c189746e9)


    SG 4 S-Series Update #14

    This update updates the gateway’s default (ezxcess.antlabs.com) SSL certificate.  The new SSL certificate’s expiry is 7 April 2023, 23:59 GMT.


    The current default SSL certificate will expire on 15 Apr 2022, 23:59:59 GMT.  This update should be applied before the expiry date, especially for sites that use the default SSL certificate to serve out downstream login pages with HTTPS enabled, to avoid errors or security warnings.

    SG 4 S-Series Update Release No. 14
    Release Date: 22 Mar 2022
    Update File Name: 14.SG4000S_base-sys-hotfix-20220316-01.pkg
    (md5: 36eff8a4e52207d421f1c5193fa6c851)


    SG 4 S-Series Update #13

    This update includes the following enhancements:

    • • Enhance graph security before web-admin login
    • • Update ASP server configurator component to handle leading/trailing spaces in received server name

    This update carries the following bug fixes:

    • • Fix issue where command query and health report to ASP does not work when unlicensed gateway is left running for more than 10 days and then licensed
    • • Fix issue where user fails to connect to a gateway with Remote Access turned on at ASP if gateway reboots after it has processed the remote access request
    • • Fix issue in DHCP server where NAK is not issued when DHCP Request is received asking for an IP outside of the configured scope
    • • Optimize use of memory in report maintenance module to fix logs not being backed up or deleted when there are many log entries

    SG 4 S-Series Update Release No. 13
    Release Date: 16 Feb 2022
    Update File Name: 13.SG4000S_base-sys-bulk09-20220111-01.pkg
    (md5: cc676c29fa551eb1d9c23846525e1d1b)

    antlabs web content filtering

    How web filtering secures your network further

    Updated: 8 December 2021

    Web content filtering is mostly used to keep inappropriate content out of kids’ hands and restrict timewasters in corporate networks. However, its primary advantage is not limited to preventing access to undesirable content. Reduced malware infections and access to phishing websites are among the lesser-known but probably equally important reasons web filtering is gaining favor in Enterprise WiFi networks.

    As users become more IT savvy, they need the reassurance that they are connected to a secure network, especially when they are not in their own homes. Of course, establishments can explicitly say that users use their WiFi at their own risk in their Terms and Conditions. However, while that may potentially save them from legal troubles, it may not shield them from PR nightmares should malware infect the users’ devices while in their network.

    How ANTlabs Web Filtering Service Works

    ANTlabs Web Filtering Service can be used in organizations with various WiFi hotspots. For example, if you administer a school WiFi network, you may wish to keep pupils from mistakenly viewing harmful content such as gambling, pornography, or hate sites. Because these new sites constantly change and new ones appear every day, manually blocking them is not an option. Another situation when category filtering comes in handy is when your school or workplace disallows visiting time-wasting websites like YouTube is prohibited during specific hours. YouTube and related sites are classed as “Time Wasters > Entertainment” and are restricted when this category is selected. You also save time and effort by not having to type in the URLs of these websites manually.

    ANTlabs Web Filtering protects users by giving operators the controls to block by category. It is based on DNS filtering—a type of content filtering using the DNS layer to filter based on IP addresses. The main difference is that this service gives blanket protection to sites you choose within your organization.

    When users bring in multiple devices, the filtering works across these devices and filters websites into six major categories (Security, Adult-related, Bandwidth Hogs, Illegal Activity, Time Wasters, and General Sites) with more than 60 pre-defined subcategories and inspects encrypted sites. In addition, the URLs categorized in the security module’s database are constantly updated, so service providers who subscribe to this feature shall have peace of mind knowing they have protection from the latest threats.

    Secure your network further with ANTlabs Web Filtering Service

    Other ANTlabs Product Features that Enhance Security

    ANTlabs’ built-in Anti-SPAM Protection and Anti-DOS Protection are two other ANTlabs product features that combine well with Web Filtering Service to secure your network further. Another ANTlabs gateway function that helps you secure your guest networks is Lawful Intercept, which helps your organization comply with numerous IT cyber regulations.

    The ANTlabs Web Filtering Service was released in December 2021 with ASP Cloud. It benefits guest WiFi networks like hotels, schools, universities, enterprises, and other corporate networks that aren’t classified as guest WiFi.

  • SG 4 S-Series Update #12

    This update adds the following enhancements: Sync down VLANs configured at ASP Personal Area Network (PAN) enhancements: Added support for Cisco/Meraki and Xirrus                               Allow admin to configure the desired VLAN to revert to upon client logout See PAN > Server Configuration > Default VLAN Enhancements in issuing Change of Authorization (CoA): Shortened delay in issuing […]

  • SG 4 S-Series Update #11

    This update includes the following enhancements: Support for Application Shaping module Defining global application shaping rules Creating plan-based shaping rules based on site categories Note: Security module must have been activated and the web signatures fetched for the Application Shaping module to work New authentication report Captures the performance and status of downstream login attempts […]

  • SG 4 S-Series Update #8

    This update adds the following enhancement: Support for the new Security module: Categorize websites into different categories based on signatures Allows administrators to specify which categories of websites to block downstream users from accessing Diagnostic tool to determine the categories a specific website belongs to The gateway will automatically reboot after this update has been […]

  • SG 4 S-Series Update #7

    This update adds the following enhancements: Support for cloud-managed config backup and restore Note: ANTlabs Service Platform (ASP) Update 1.0.7 is required to support this feature WAN enhancements: Option to use DHCP to get WAN Physical IP Allow user to choose between physical and floating IP for interface gateway Dashboard enhancement to show physical IP […]

  • SG 4 S-Series Update #6

    This update adds the following enhancements: Licensing GUI to display the service provider contract details Enhanced web security by removing TLS 1.1 support for web pages served by the gateway Use Facebook Graph API version 10.0 New optional reset_balance=yes input to account_update API module to support Fixed Duration plan update where a reset of remaining […]