Tag: antlabs guest wifi solution

  • IG 4 S-Series Update #1

    This update fixes the out-of-box default WAN physical IP value in some IG 4110S machines. IG4 update 1File Name: 01.IG4000S_base-sys-hotfix-wan-20200512-01.pkgFile Size: 17896 bytesMD5 Checksum: 7129bae4ace8fa47b0891fb3e054091fRelease Date: 2020-05-19 16:00 SGT

  • IG 4 Update #39 – New ACS Features

    This update enhances the gateway to work with new ACS features / enhancements available since the release of ACS Update 16.5: Plan display name configuration Multiple complimentary codes This update fixes the following issues where: Welcome page is seen downstream of an ACS-configured auto-login location WAN floating IP is not displayed on the gateway status […]

  • IG 4 Update #38 – Facebook Login Error

    This update fixes the issue where attempting to log in with Facebook leads to “This URL is Blocked” error. IG4 update 38File Name: 38.IG4000_base-sys-hotfix-facebook-20200101-01.pkgFile Size: 19544 bytesMD5 Checksum: b4e32f592744427aed995f79df237a5bRelease Date: 2020-01-09 18:00 SGT

  • IG 4 Update #37 – Account Printer AP 3100 Support

    This update adds support for Account Printer AP 3100 and fixes the following issues: Account Printer ​AP 2100 shows ‘Cannot Connect to Server’ when connected via the Management Port​ even when there is connectivity to the gateway​​ PMS settings of JDS Interface to Springer-Miller, HOBIC, Prologic First, FCS and Galaxy (LightSpeed XML), if never changed before, ​cannot get saved after […]

  • IG 4 Update #36 – Fixes

    This update fixes the following issues where: Incoming UDP traffic fails to reach downstream devices via port binding rules if access control has been enabled Logs partition disk usage grows quickly under some conditions where a lot of traffic is traversing port binding rules IG4 4.2.0 update 36File Name: 36.IG4000_base-sys-netpx-20191011-01.pkgFile Size: 180824 bytesMD5 Checksum: 9f3f6c00cf6f13de82875809dd7cd1cdRelease Date: 2019-10-23 12:00 SGT

  • IG 3100 Patch #24

    This patch enhances system security. IG3100 patch 24File Name: 24.IG3100_base-sys-hotfix-20191009-01.pkgFile Size: 12344 bytesMD5 Checksum: 592d1f1880c47ecce83c5028b61c4603Release Date: 2019-10-14 12:00 SGT

  • IG 4 Update #35 – Web-Admin Login Enhancements

    This update includes the following enhancements: Adds support for web-admin login ID to be changed from default root This update fixes the following issues where: Importing many port binding rules fail Where default web-admin login ID has changed, Go-live System Check reports password is default though password has been changed already Web-admin audit log can […]