ANTlabs launches IG 3101; Enhances Network Resiliency

Catherine TanLatest News

ANTlabs recently released IG 3101, a full-featured gateway that is aimed at letting service providers manage user accounts and bandwidth for small guest networks such as those in boutique hotels, 150-room properties and 3-star hotels. This is an upgrade from the 2013 IG 3100 release and it features LAN bypass, which … Read More

Advisory on OpenSSL Heartbleed Bug

Grace NacesAdvisories

Please be informed that our gateways do not suffer from the recently reported SSL vulnerability also known as Open SSL Heartbleed Bug. The SSL keys used in our products are not generated using the affected libraries. Thank you.

Advisory: Login Page Issue

Grace NacesAdvisories

We have received comments from users who encountered a warning message from the browsers that they are using. In Chrome it may look something like this: In other browsers, it may look like this:   The reason for this is because the browser treats web redirections as web hijacks. The … Read More

Advisory: 2048-bit SSL certificate support

Toh Teck KangAdvisories

The 2048-bit SSL certificate is updated on the appliances below, which require client browser to access CRLs from the relevant certificate authority. InnGate 3 minimum patch level 47 SSG 4 minimum patch level 3 IG 3100 Therefore, the following wall garden rule is required to be configured under Network > … Read More