Advisory: 2048-bit SSL certificate support

Toh Teck KangAdvisories

The 2048-bit SSL certificate is updated on the appliances below, which require client browser to access CRLs from the relevant certificate authority. InnGate 3 minimum patch level 47 SSG 4 minimum patch level 3 IG 3100 Therefore, the following wall garden rule is required to be configured under Network > … Read More

InnGate 3 Patch 46: Bandwidth Management Module Enhancement and More

Toh Teck KangArticles

InnGate 3 Patch 46 introduces a graphical dashboard and system report graphs to give the gateway administrator a comprehensive overview of the system’s statistics on connected devices, system health and network health. One of the highlights of this patch release is an enhancement on the Bandwidth Management Module where a new QoS mode calledPer Account Rate … Read More

InnGate 3 Patch 45: Improved Mobile Device Support

John SimArticles

InnGate 3 Patch 45 has just been released on June 28, 2013, and it features improved support for mobile-device-friendly built-in pages. This patch adds new user agents for detecting major mobile platforms (i.e. iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows). Here is a sample login page: A new section has been added … Read More

IG 3100: EOL model

Grace NacesLatest News

The IG 3100 is already EOL. Please click here for current models. For advisories and updates, please refer to our Advisories page.