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  • Feature Spotlight: ACS Multi-Site Roaming Support

    Your VIPs and valued members can now easily gain Internet access across multiple locations (even across the globe) by just logging in once. This is made possible with the new ACS feature, Multi-Site Roaming Support. HOW MULTI-SITE ROAMING WORKS Multi-Site Roaming is an ANTlabs Cloud Services (ACS) feature that enables users to seamlessly roam from […]

  • Feature Spotlight: PAN Module

    How private can public WiFi get? It may sound like an oxymoron, but it is possible to get a private, secure, home-like network connectivity while connected to public guest networks such as those that are found in hotels, condos, dormitories, serviced suites, and co-working spaces. ANTlabs created the PAN (Personal Area Network) module for the […]

  • Feature Spotlight: User Form Authentication

    The user form authentication method requires downstream users to fill in a form to access the Internet. There is an option to verify the identity of the user via SMS or email and gateway administrators can enable it upon setting up the form. The data collected is then presented in the web admin GUI and […]

  • ACS Latest Features Make Global Guest WiFi Management Even Better

    ANTlabs Cloud Services, ever since its launch, has made global guest WiFi management easier for many huge properties in the world by allowing their venue owners to be able to configure thousands of devices, run diagnostics and view reports in one place. More features have been released to improve both guest and admin/venue owner experience […]

  • 8 Steps to Building Better Customer Experiences, One Form at a Time

    One thing that every service provider aims for is to exceed customer expectations. Customers are now more demanding and they know that they have more options available to them, so it has become paramount for establishments to dig deeper on what they think might work to keep them from running to their competitors. This is […]

  • Feature Spotlight: Event Manager

    Event Manager is a new add-on module that is available for both SG 4 and IG 4 gateways. This module is for the M.I.C.E (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, & Exhibitions) sector where the venue hosts multiple events with different requirements for each event. Event Scheduling Made Easy Manage WiFi infrastructure Greater visibility of all planned events […]

  • Configuring Advanced QoS Classes

    The new ANTlabs Advanced QoS allows administrators to configure intricate bandwidth allocation policies for users in your network. With the way people are consuming data these days, it is important to achieve fair sharing of bandwidth among users so user experience will not suffer.

    One of the unique features of the ANTlabs Advanced QoS 3-stage engine is its capability to allow multiple devices to share a single bandwidth rate limit per user. For example, you wish to allocate 1MB per guest. Each guest will only use up this amount of bandwidth among his/her devices and it will be shared equally.

    With Advanced QoS 3-stage engine, bandwidth utilization can be maximized by creating differentiated classes of services for different groups of users.

    Screenshot 2015-12-16 17.32.23

    How to Manage Network Bandwidth Using ANTlabs Advanced QoS Classes

    Login to your gateway admin and go to Bandwidth > QoS Class. You will find the three Advanced QoS classes when you click and expand Advanced Settings:

    QoS Classes
    QoS Classes

    Guaranteed Bandwidth Tier (GBT)

    This tier has the highest priority and is typically reserved for users who need higher quality bandwidth no matter how many users there are in the system. Users in guaranteed bandwidth tier shall always get the requested bandwidth in total. Bandwidth will be divided equally among all users in the same tier in a dynamic manner based on the total number of users who requested for it. For example, 10MBps is allocated for this class and there are 10 users. If there are only two active users requesting for bandwidth, then each user will get 5 Mbps. When other users start to request for bandwidth, the bandwidth will be dynamically adjusted accordingly.

    This is class is suitable for (but not limited to) large venues, conferences and company guests staying in hotels. ANTlabs Advanced QoS enables you to have up to 30 guaranteed bandwidth tiers.

    Premium Tier (CT)

    Higher bandwidth is shared among premium users or VIPs in this tier and excess bandwidth from other tiers may be used if available. This is usually what is offered for paid internet usage in lounges, waiting rooms, and other visitor-based networks. This tier typically guarantees best quality of service.

    Complimentary Tier (CT)

    The connectivity in this tier has the lowest priority. All users share the allocated bandwidth and is suitable for non-paying guests or those who just need basic Internet access.

    Customizing Further with Settings & Shaping

    The Settings and Shaping tabs show you additional options that allow you to fine-tune bandwidth allocation even more.

    In Settings, you can choose to assign network devices and MAC addresses to your different pre-defined QoS classes.


    Shaping tab takes it even further by allowing you to prioritize apps that need connectivity. When enabled, you can assign what percentage apps take from your pre-assigned Download and Upload limits. For example, you want to increase bandwidth for Streaming or throttle down P2P users, you may do so in this area.

    ApplicationTraffic Shaping
    Application Traffic Shaping


    ANTlabs Advanced QoS allows you to manage bandwidth easily in such a way that the different needs of your users are met and to ensure the fair sharing of bandwidth, especially when it is limited.

  • Feature Spotlight: IG 4 Plan Types and Use Case Scenarios

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  • Feature Spotlight: How to Improve Guest Internet Experience the Easy Way with IG 4 Plans

    We’re starting a series of biweekly articles that will focus on ANTlabs products features. To start this series, we’ll focus on IG 4 Plans and Use Case Scenarios… The total hotel guest experience these days already includes how convenient it is to stay connected, whether these guests are business travelers who conduct video conferences or […]

  • Cost-effective Aggregated Bandwidth Using ANTlabs Multi-WAN Module

    Using a dedicated load balancer to aggregate bandwidth is one of the solutions to achieve higher bandwidth. However, doing this also means incurring more expenses for the operator–not to mention that your network may need to use all features. ANTlabs offers a more cost-effective solution: the Multi-WAN module. This module can do the essential function […]