Author: Grace Naces

  • Hotspot 2.0 and the Hospitality Industry

    What is Hotspot 2.0? Hotspot 2.0 is a standard designed to provide a secure and more accessible way for end-users to connect to WiFi hotspots. Developed by the WiFi Alliance, the standard uses 802.11u and 802.1x as a foundation to create a seamless WiFi connectivity experience for users by automating network discovery, registration, and authentication. […]

  • Why WiFi Offloading is even more compelling in a 5G-driven world

    Experience the best of both worlds through WiFi 6 & 5G  By Grace Naces and Kwang Tat Ang Background WiFi offloading or mobile data offloading is not new; it has been around for almost a decade. This solution occurs at the device level when it switches from a cellular connection to WiFi or small-cell access (e.g., […]

  • Why VoWiFi is more compelling now

    A recap: The case for VoWiFi over the years Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi) or WiFi Calling is based on widely-accepted GSMA standards and has been deployed successfully as early as 2014 in the USA by AT&T. In the early years of adoption, VoWiFi was one of the best ways to solve coverage problems by leveraging […]

  • New ANTlabs Service Platform empowers service providers from a single dashboard

    With more than 20 years of R&D and experience working with global hotel brands and world-class venues in the hospitality & MICE industry, ANTlabs has created products that allow managed service providers (MSPs) to adapt to rapid changes, scale as the business grows, and to make sure that users get great connectivity. The ANTlabs Service […]

  • Advisory: HTTPS Walled Garden URLs for Payment Gateways

    Updated: 23 July 2020 We have added the walled garden HTTPS domains feature as the recommended approach to allow downstream devices to access the payment gateways before login. In doing so, we are effectively decommissioning the IP Address-based walled garden configuration. As such, it is advised to add the relevant HTTPS domains to the walled […]

  • Advisory: Instagram WiFi Login [UPDATED]

    Last Updated: Oct 15, 2020 – The Instagram WiFi login issue has been resolved with the recent ANTlabs Update #41 for both IG 4 and SG 4. Admins are advised to apply the latest update on their gateways to ensure a smoother login flow. After updating gateways to Update #41, using the Instagram login method […]

  • ANTlabs new gateway on the Cloud: The perfect solution for retail chains

    From the start of the global lockdown up to recent days when borders are easing up, one thing is noticeable especially to those in the retail industry: there is a massive acceleration in customer demand for digital channels. Online retailers saw growth and brick-and-mortar shops retrained their staff to fulfil orders online. How does ANTlabs […]

  • Adapting to the ‘New Normal’: How ANTlabs NGN DDI Solution Helps Businesses in Reopening After COVID-19

    As the COVID-19 curve starts to flatten and economies slowly start reopening around the world, one thing is for sure: things will never be the same again. For one, businesses are now aware that additional measures will have to be taken from now on in terms of hygiene in workplaces, how we interact with our […]

  • ANTlabs enables world-class integrated resort to handle complex large guest network demands [CASE STUDY]

    Overview Tourism in Singapore is a major industry, and its strategic and convenient location also makes it the premier choice for hosting huge events from varying business sectors and industries. Singapore attracted 19.1 million visitors in 2019—that is more than three times its population. Recognizing this strength, one of ANTlabs’ customers who we shall refer […]